Oct 19th Will Be A Big Day For Access

On Oct 19th at the “SharePoint Developers Conference” (formerly the Office Developers Conference by the way) in Lost Wages, Nevada I hear there will be a “reveal” of a bunch more of the functionality of Access 2010. 

Of course I can’t tell anyone what is going to be announced, but trust me that it’s going to be very important for the future of Microsoft Access and especially IMHO for existing Access developers of all skill levels both part-time and professional.The big question will be “Will anyone notice?”.  I certainly hope so and to a great extent that will be the responsibility of Microsoft Office Marketing (who I believe DO understand the significance of Access 2010). 

But it will also be up to US to get out there and promote this version to people we know and to people we don’t know.  It’s in all our interests (users, developers) to improve the visibility and explain the positioning of Access in the Corporate world going forward.  With Access 2010 I beleve we will have an opportunity to re-ignite that message. 

If not, then a big opportunity for us, for our clients and potential clients and for Microsoft will be lost – and that would be a shame. 


About Biggus Dickus

Dick is a consultant in London, ON Canada who specializes in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Development.
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2 Responses to Oct 19th Will Be A Big Day For Access

  1. workerthread says:

    Hi Dick

    A timely post, and I agree – the new Access 2010 functionality will be of interest to all levels of Access users and developers.

    The UK Access User Group have a National Seminar running at Microsoft Reading on 26th November and Alan Cossey and I will be showing the new Access 2010 features, including the yet to be revealed ones you mention.

    Look out for more details and full schedule here


    Derek Goodridge

  2. Dick Moffat says:

    Looks great – wish I could be there 😦 …


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