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How To Really Publish Excel Data To Power BI … Part III

OK .. Let’s go … Part III … !! In this post I will try to explain how (and especially how not) to get your Excel data into Power BI Desktop in a way that will allow you to schedule refreshes … Continue reading

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Data Access IS The Problem

I have harped on this here before, but once again my blood-pressure is rising because I have seen a simple, efficient use of the powers of Excel marginalized by a client’s inability to get support and cooperation from the “Gate-Keepers” … Continue reading

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PowerPivot CTP3 Hierarchies Make All The Difference

I have been around OLAP databases since 1994.  By “around” I mean that I have used them off and on for all those years without actually becoming a true BI dev – rather I am an occasional consumer. This is … Continue reading

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Let’s Push Access Services

The last year and a half hits on my Blog have steadily increased (despite my postings steadily decreasing :-)).  There is a simple reason for this….  People are reaching out to find out about Access Services and yet, frankly, there doesn’t … Continue reading

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What I Did This Summer

I have now returned home to Canada after an extended stay in the Netherlands over the summer working on an Access Services project.  Beyond the fact that there are much worse places to hang out than Holland, I also learned … Continue reading

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Dutch Treat

Sorry for not blogging lately (as is if anyone actually comes here – actually quite a  few do). I have been busy, busy on a project in Europe while working evenings back in North America. I actually like this double-time … Continue reading

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Access and Terminal Services May Be The Hot New Thing

There is an interesting blog post on the Access Team site that discusses and links to another post by Luke Chung over at FMS tat talks about using Access with Terminal Services (TS) and the new RemoteApp technology in Windows … Continue reading

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