No Mention Of Excel Or Access … Hmmm …

I just saw an interesting article in the Seattle Times where they interviewed somebody named Kurt DelBene who is apparently the President of the Microsoft Business Division.  From the article (linked below) it seems that this guy DelBene is responsible for the Office product line as part of that job.

In the article he goes on about what a huge success Office 2010 has been (at least compared to 2007) and talks about all the exciting stuff coming up thanks to the Office 365 initiative.  He mentions especially how Office is moving beyond PCs because

“Our overall approach is to make sure we have great product experience across the PC, phone and browser.”

Yet in the entire article the words Excel and Access never appear….  Hmmmm ..

Just thought that was interesting.


About Biggus Dickus

Dick is a consultant in London, ON Canada who specializes in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Development.
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3 Responses to No Mention Of Excel Or Access … Hmmm …

  1. sam says:

    I am sure the interview had Cloud, Collaboration, Services and .Net thrown all over the place…

  2. Bob Phillips says:

    Be fair, it was a very short Q&A session, from a lazy reporter.

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