Access Services Work(s) !!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize to anyone who might give sh*t about that fact :-)…

The main reason for that is that I have been BUSY.  That’s a really good thing considering that things have not been so busy lately – and income is always nice.

But the reason for THIS Blog entry is the fact that this afternoon I showed a new Hybrid Access Application to a client (an Internal MS client). Once I showed her the app using TS, I then did two things:

1. I added her as a Member of the SharePoint site and

2. I sent her a 266 byte ACCDW file which she copied to her desktop.

She then doubdle-clicked the ACCDW file, it ran a quick synchronization (as it cached the app on her local machine) and then she was in the program !!!

Then I went in and changed a record from my Office here in Canada and she immediately saw the change when she went to that record in Seattle.

This is BIG news in my books !!


About Biggus Dickus

Dick is a consultant in London, ON Canada who specializes in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Development.
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