The Risks Of Working At Home

Summer’s over but I’m having trouble giving it up.  Even though I wear a sweater now when I go out I still am wearing shorts and sandals.  My toes froze walking the GKids to school this morning.  Maybe it’s time.

What’s really a problem for me (and I am writing this to help all of us Independent Home-Based Developers) is that I am turning into a Troll ….

Because I am using Remote software for nearly ALL my work I almost NEVER leave my house to work.  As a result my personal hygiene and definitely my dress-code have taken a major hit in the last year.  This to the point that my wife is now embarassed to be seen outside with me – really!!  She has taken to saying that the GKids soon won’t let me hug them anymore and their memory of their Grandpa will be how much he stinks 🙂 … sad but true.

That led me to think of what I remember about my Grandfathers and it was kinda startling. 

1. My Dad’s father was the invisible man … I remember zero communication with him.  Not that he was a bad guy but he didn’t really give a  s**t about fussing over his Grandkids.  Didn’t stink though.

2. My Mother’s father was very old and lived in the U.S. South.  I mostly remember his cigars and his tendency to make what in hindsight were hilariously racist comments…..  My Dad being a good Canadian Liberal (like me) used to take me aside and tell me not to listen to him because he’s an “Old Man.”  Seriously !!  He was a good man, so I really hope his jokes were just examples of the kind of sick humour that I guess I inherited from him… (??)

So because I am a work at home consultant I have become one of those stinky old Grandpas who’s wife is embarassed to be seen in public with…. 

You still have a chance though.  Save yourselves – get OUT from time to time, have a shower at least once a week and shave every three days whether you need it or not.

Your buddy Biggus Dickus

p.s. This Dilbert was about me :

About Biggus Dickus

Dick is a consultant in London, ON Canada who specializes in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Development.
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1 Response to The Risks Of Working At Home

  1. Jon Peltier says:

    The risks of working at home are greatly overcompensated for by the benefits. My schedule is flexible, I get to see my kids, I’m close to the kitchen (well, that one cuts both ways).

    It doesn’t matter if I don’t shave every day, and joining the gym gets me out of the house regularly.

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