OK – Gemini Is Cool – Me Bad

I don’t know if everyone who comes here reads all the comments on my Posts but I thought I’d make a new Post about the info recieved on the previous Post in which I “Dissed” Gemini.

Turns out I was wrong (never !!!) as thanks to a couple of comments from Amir Netz of the Gemini team I have now been appraised of the fact that Gemini is in fact a BI tool as I would define it.   I will be in Redmond next week and have arranged to meet with Amir while there.  So I will have more info to pass on (subject to any NDAs that might be in play 🙂 ) the week after that.

As a consultant I am excited about the presence of DAX because not only does it sound like the way to true BIness but it also sounds like the kind of thing many (most?) users might need “professional” help with (catch my drift ?)

Here are Amir’s comments once again for you:

Hi Dick,

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is the way to express BI logic. DAX is a combination of Excel expressions enriched with BI extensions.

Admitedly, CTP2 shiped with a very partial implementation of DAX so I can understand the sentiment here.

But as CTP3 is looming, I suggest you stay tuned to the added capabilities of DAX. I think you’ll find it pretty powerful for task of expressing BI business logic.

Amir, from the Gemini team.

Well, Gemini is indeed designed as a BI tool. But it is a different kind of BI tool than the run-of-the-mill ones. I think you already realized that we put the emphasis on speed, scale, simplicity and Excel consistency rather than on an exotic feature set.

Still, the core of Gemini it is based on the Analysis Services engine and believe me, we take BI very seriously in this team. Gemini is no toy.

The exact release date of CTP3 is not set yet, but it is not too far… All the features are in and we are now polishing the code to make sure that you have a high quality experience with it.

There are many new goodies in the CTP3 release, but there is no doubt that the full DAX is the biggest of them. A very large portion of the team worked on DAX for CTP3 and the code just got integrated on Friday.

The full DAX documentation will be available for CTP3. We may have some blog entries and demos ahead of time illustrating the power of DAX. But I think we have a few more weeks to go before we are ready to disclose the breadth of the language.

If you are going to the SharePoint conference in LV you’ll have a chance to see DAX in action on stage. We have a full session in which DAX will star and you’ll get to see the CTP3 in action.

Amir (still on the Gemini team)

Thanx Amir..



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Dick is a consultant in London, ON Canada who specializes in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Development.
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