Love My New PC (err…. MacBook Pro)

I dropped a few drops of coffee into my good, solid LG notebook last week.  It fried it so bad that it became more cost than could be justified to fix it.  When I started to look for a new Notebook I suddenly had an epiphany “Wait a minute – doesn’t an Intel Chip in a MacBook Pro just make it a PC from Apple?”  So sure enough, I am currently installing my software on my Windows Vista Business Partition on my Apple machine right now.  Frankly it seems very fast, and it has picked up all my peripherals no probs.  And why NOT ??  It’s an Intel PC.

At this point, despite the cost (that I wasn’t planning on spending at this particular time) I couldn’t be happier with my new Apple PC.  (and I still can switch over and play on my Apple UI too).  Awesome !!

About Biggus Dickus

Dick is a consultant in London, ON Canada who specializes in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Development.
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3 Responses to Love My New PC (err…. MacBook Pro)

  1. blair says:

    Hi Dick, I just found your blog and it is great!! I am a fellow Access developer in Victoria BC, although a very junior one at that :), and I always like reading real stories of other Access developers out there.

    I know this post is from a couple years back, but I am thinking of purchasing a new laptop. Can you remember if you ran into any problems installing the Windows partition on your Macbook Pro? I’m leaning towards going this route for a new laptop, but wonder if you had any issues?


    • Biggus Dickus says:

      Actually I found that partitioning the disk and running windows Natively on the MacBook Pro using BOOTCAMP ended up unacceptable because there simply aren’t enough drivers available for Windows of any kind on the macBook Pro AND it was an unpleasant experience with USB devices.

      Soooooo … I went over to VMWare Fusion 3 and have been running VMs for nearly 2 years now with everything working just ducky (especially USBs and networking). There is also a product called Parallels that is comparable and apparently is good but I have no experience with it.

      When I went to Fusion 4 I have found it has slowed my loading of Windows 7 quite a bit (barely acceptable frankly) so I would probably give Parallels a try first if I were starting from scratch. Too bad because Fusion 3 was awesome … go figure (maybe Microsoft bought VMWare and didn’t tell anybody 😉 ).

      Good luck.

      p.s. I would give anything to find a way to live in Victoria – you’re a lucky guy.

      • blair says:

        Thanks for the info! I’ll take a closer look at Parallels and see how it works. It seems like Apple products are taking over the household, and only my development machine is left. Not sure how long that will last though 🙂

        Victoria is a great city. Bigger than expected technology hub when I moved out here a couple years back.

        Keep up the great blog. I look forward to future posts!

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